The Management Difference

All of our properties are managed in-house by Francis Property Management, which enhances each investment property in order to maximize investor equity.

Most syndicators try to get the most out of a property as quickly as possible, often leading to deferred maintenance, minimal capital improvements and the implementation of imprudent policies to boost occupancy. Upon acquisition, Francis Property Management employs meticulous hands-on management strategies to streamline maintenance and reduce wasteful expenditures, ensuring that each repair or improvement enhances the long-term value of the property. Management staff does exhaustive competitive market research to stay ahead of the curve with unit and community enhancements. Additionally, cutting edge marketing and resident retention programs maintain our properties with some of the highest occupancies in their markets. As a result, our investment partners feel a “pride of ownership” in each property.

“The thing I like most about real estate is it’s a tangible physical asset. You can touch it, inspect it… you can really kick the tires. With stocks and bonds all you get is a fancy piece of paper and a financial statement that requires a PhD.”— Richard B. Francis