The Value of Stability

Over the past eight years Francis Property has assembled a Texas portfolio of Class A residential communities following the investment fundamentals that have guided our company since 1968. Each property is managed to the highest standards, providing our investors with a sense of pride based on the quality of each acquisition.

Our Investment Philosophy: A Template for Success

Housing is a basic need that exists despite market fluctuations. We invest in apartment communities in good locations because they are less vulnerable to market volatility than commercial, retail, office and industrial real estate. Further, Francis Property prefers to take low-leveraged positions (typically placing 30-40% down) as a buffer against real estate cycles, interest rate fluctuations and other market forces (with the additional advantage of securing favorable financing).

Perhaps the most significant difference between our company and other syndicators is that the principals of Francis Property invest their own money in each acquisition, giving added assurance to investors because of a personal stake in the investment.

Using the conservative and responsible principles of sound acquisition, hands-on management and rational decision making, we can deliver the results our investors deserve: capital preservation, asset appreciation, and consistent returns over time.

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