Our Company

Commencing with our first asset acquisition in 1982, the Francis Investment Group, seeks high quality multifamily real estate assets. The Francis Investment Group was initially launched from an Entertainment Business Management Company seeking long term investments for its clientele. The Francis Investment Group now consists of five separate cooperating companies, each providing a specific skill set to its dedicated client group. All prospective investments are fully analyzed by the Investment Group’s financial, real estate and legal specialists. Each investment is low-leveraged, ensuring continued profitability despite local or national economic upheavals, while at the same time fully maximizing the benefits of prevailing lending markets. Unlike most real estate syndicators, principals of the Francis Investment Group always co-invest in every investment asset. In every single one of our investments, a minimum of 50% of the investors are repeat investors. Our investor pool is now three generations deep for some of our investor family groups, reflecting the consistency of returns these investments have produced.


Our business model is premised upon an integrated acquisition and management approach, thereby ensuring the long-term integrity of the underlying asset and a detailed, active understanding of capital return performance. We, along with our investors, take pride in each property we acquire and maintain.

Our current portfolio consists of Properties located in California and Texas—both states which continue to grow and well outpace the national average. The current portfolio is well in excess of One Billion Dollars. Over forty years of hands-on experience in the acquisition, development and management of over some fifty plus assets, has produced consistent returns on investments that our investors quite literally bank on. Investments are targeted to produce defined returns on capital, which have consistently increased as the asset matures, while at the same time careful asset management has likewise consistently created underlying asset value appreciation.