Francis Community Event Calendar

Calendar Post Event Instructions:   

The calendar event publishing process n:

1) Francis Residential Business Managers managers have been provided with a password protected link to access the Post Your Event Form for your community. You can only add events to your community’s calendar via your password protected link, and viewing your events on your website’s calendar page (Residents / Events).

2)  Visit your password protected link. Once you enter the password we provided you, the familiar green “Post Your Event” button will appear. Post an event (similar to how you have been) and press submit. (for event posting instructions see the screen shot below)

3) Open your website calendar page to view the event. (If the browser window is already open, refresh*). Your posts will publish immediately.

4) Should you need to edit or delete a post, please email Barbie with your corrections.

*Depending on your browser’s settings, it may be necessary to clear your cache and history. Closing all windows and reopening them may suffice.

You may also choose to keep 2 browser windows open when you are posting events. 1) Password Protected Page with Post Event Form Access  2) Your website’s calendar page. Note: When posting multiple events, it is not necessary to refresh your browser after every post. You can go to your website at any time to view any/all the events you add.

IMPORTANT: When posting an event, please be sure to select YOUR COMMUNITY NAME FROM THE CATEGORIES DROP DOWN to ensure your event appears at the proper location (your community website).

Posting Events to the Calendar​
Go to your calendar page link, enter your password then click on the green ​”Post Your Event” button
Fill in all fields (some are required).
Be sure to select your community as the category (under the address field).  This will ensure your event is posted to your site.
Upon a successful submission, you’ll see the last screen shot below.